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Coimbatore A.K.A. Kovai

Kovai enjoys the reputation of being the original entrepreneurial city built on the pillars of inventiveness and enterprise. Being the oldest manufacturing hub of the state, it has today a diverse base covering precision engineering tools, auto components, engineering goods, industrial equipment, textile machinery etc.

Given its geo-central location within the Mysore-Bangalore-Chennai-Trichy-Kochi corridor, Coimbatore has to be India’s least tapped location, when it comes to promoting innovative startups and entrepreneurship in the industrial technology space. 

Coimbatore opens the doors to the larger Western Tamil Nadu region with industrial capacity in textiles, dairy, agri, food processing, FMCG etc. - an ideal platform for startups to prove innovative solutions in these manufacturing verticals lagging behind in technology adoption. Once they find a foot hold here, these new age entrepreneurs can scale to other parts of India and expand globally too.
Unleashing Kovai 2.0, by force multiplying its native entrepreneurial spirit with the power of enhanced talent and innovative technologies aimed at driving industrial transformation.

Centres of Excellence (CoE)

Built-in 20,000 sq.ft, the Kovai station offers a full-suite hardware product development lab with concurrent capacity for up to 15 hardware product innovations. With in-house Tech support at practitioner and expert levels from full-time employees and on-demand specialists, innovators accelerate their hardware prototypes into factory-ready designs, going through a managed process of product development.

From connected devices, intelligent machines, autonomous vehicles to industrial sensors, this MIT accredited Fab Lab has emerged as a one-stop-shop for building innovative industrial-grade hardware solutions. In addition to nurturing startups bringing Digital, AI and Robotics solutions to the manufacturing sector, this station will bring stronger focus to the FutureCities, Precision Agriculture and Assistive Devices sectors.

In Spotlight

Indigenous long-range imaging systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Detection, Identification and Recognition of targets are more important in today’s environment than ever before. Ensuring that our home ground is secure by making sure that every target is classified as friend or foe is utmost important. Be it at the Border of a Country or Perimeter of your Critical Asset, a watchful eye prevents many casualties.

Pratikara helps stroke patients recover safely and lead a normal life | GLoveiT

Pratikara (GLoveiT) and the founders Deepika Gunasekaran and Krishna Sivanand were among the first set of product innovations to roll out from the ProtoSem and to graduate into the Product Acceleration phase. They won Nidhi Prayas grants from SINE IIT Bombay in a co-incubation model and are now admitted to the Startup Masters Program launched by Forge to facilitate the acceleration of their innovative product into a growth-ready enterprise.

Mixed Reality Headsets that can be used for Defence | Dimension NXG

Pankaj Raut, CEO, Abhishek Tomar, CTO and Abhijit Patil, COO of Dimension NXG are working on Mixed Reality Headsets with 95 degrees Field View combined with software platforms for high-quality content generation and delivery for a plethora of training and maintenance operations applications in aerospace, defence, healthcare, automobile, and manufacturing sectors.

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Forge Factory, G Floor, KCT Tech Park,
#3 Athipalayam Road, Chinnavedampatti,
Coimbatore 641049.

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