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Startup Masters Program (MBA IEV)
India's first comprehensive curriculum that accredits entrepreneurs.

Forge Academy

Forge, at the vanguard of driving entrepreneurial revolution, is scaling a digitally powered platform to transform student innovators, academic researchers, startup founders & industry professionals into disruptive innovators, business leaders, and technology visionaries

Our mission is to nurture the next generation of highly competent individuals that harness the power of technology, innovation and enterprise to lead change, and deliver social and economic impact.

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I2M - Idea2 Market

Transform your innovative ideas into market-ready products in a week with 12 hours of immersive learning delivered in partnership with Wipro 3D. Practical exposure to methods & tools to build solutions iteratively by implementing the Lean Startup methodology, with a strong focus on delineating the path to learn advanced design, prototyping, testing methodologies, to funding opportunities.
ProtoSem 22.1
Open Innovation Fellowship offered as a skill and competency development program that embeds an innovation-centered approach to engineering education. Enables students to discover their core competencies and also enables them with tools to develop a minimum usable product in 20 weeks.

If you are considering to launch your own frim or join a venture-capital-backed start-up or step into a business development role in a large corporate enterprise, contribute to a social enterprise or bring new innovative skills and associations to your family business, the MBA(IEV) program delivers essential theoretical, applied, and experiential learning to help you achieve your objectives.

Innovation Practicum

Entrepreneurship Practicum

Venture Practicum

“Being a part of the ProtoSem 19.2 batch and a visionary of my team, I got great exposure on various interdisciplinary tech marvels as well as leadership skills. The opportunity to build our innovation with all the skills coached by Industrial Experts, brought the self-learning and curiosity part of me.”

Aishwarya, ProtoSem19.2  Engineer, CSE, KCT

The Protosem program is one such that makes people innovate and solve challenges that mankind encounters.This has helped me to understand how an idea can be brought to life. The program has given me fresh perspectives to think differently. I believe  this will give me shot to be  part of the history

Amudhan, ProtoSem, Innovation Engineer

Protosem was the best place to explore and experience. We did all our activities with industrial standards . our confidence got improved and . I’m happy to say that I got Forged . I thank the team for transforming me

Naveen Kumar, ProtoSem 21.1 Innovation Engineer

Protosem has created a leading-edge platform for young graduates. This is going to give them a very good start for anyone who wants to start their entrepreneurship journey or even if they wish to pursue their career in a startup like ours. Everyone learns, but this group of students has a leading-edge

Upendra Naik, Vice President, Learning Matters CTO

As the name says, Forge is going Forward and students going through this program have fast growth compared to others . We are creating solution providers who can add value to the nation at different levels. Forge is creating future leaders. We are now three institutions in this region. I wish all 30 institutions in this region to be a part of this program

Dr. Saravanan  - Principal- KCT

Students have come up with great ideas and background research to solve the critical people we had. When students are using their theory in practice , They make great engineers. I saw this in reality in this program (Protosem). We would love to see some them join us to work

Rohit - CTO  Range Aero